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At the end of the 90’s and the beginning of the new millennium, on the occasion of the retirement of an important group of professors, who besides the satisfaction of the duty fulfilled, and the deserved legal recognition by the Distrital University F.J.C, also had the feeling of joy, exhilaration, and autonomy to freely dispose of time and to be able to dedicate oneself to the necessities of a retiree.

That is how it came about the desire of a vehicle that would allow the reunion, the continuity of friendship and the search for new spaces of joy and cultural projections.

This hopeful panorama was threatened, at the beginning of the millennium, by policies of the then District Government, that were against the retirees of the University Distrital and by some deans that were willingly used to fulfill those policies by the ignorance of its own administrative acts, with the purpose of denying the legitimate rights acquired by the Retirees of the University Distrital.

The above factors were combined so that the newly retired would make the commitment to promote the creation of an organization, which would also be concerned with defending the right to jubilate and the dignity of retirees.

Thus, on February 28, 2000, the Association of Retired Professors (AJUBILUD) was founded at the campus of the University Distrital located in 38th Street, No. 15-31, with the participation of 47 members, which allowed that the Ministry of Work, through Resolution No.01058 of June 2000, to recognize the legal status of AJUBILUD and the legalization of its Statutes. Having attained legal life on July 14, 2000 the first General Assembly was celebrated with the participation of 58 Associates.