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by Jairo Mercado Romero


Take care of your presentation every day. Dress as if you were going to a party, because, what better party than life itself?


Do not lock yourself in your house or in your room. Don’t play to the cloistered or the voluntary prisoner. Go out often to the street or to the country. The stagnant water rots and the immobile machines become moldy and rusty.


Love physical and intellectual exercise as you love yourself. Exercise some and take a reasonable walk daily, inside or outside your home. Do not abandon your permanent spiritual and cultural improvement.


Avoid attitudes and gestures of an old collapsed person. Keep your head up, don’t let you back hunched, don’t drag your feet… that people feel the desire to pay you a compliment when you pass by. At least try not to inspire pity.


Do not speak of your old age, nor complain of your infirmities. If you do, you will end up believing you are older and sicker than you are and others will turn against you, because no one wants to be hearing hospital stories. Stop calling yourself old and considering yourself sick. Persevere in the fight for what contributed to your dream, your ideas and the motive of your action. Only if you fight, there is hope.


Cultivate optimism about everything. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Be positive in the judgments, put good humor in the words, be cheerful in the face and kind in the gestures. You have the age that you exert. Old age is not a matter of years, but it’s a state of mind. Enjoy your youth still.


Be useful to yourself and show solidarity to others, so you can receive reciprocally what you have given. You are not a parasite, nor a branch cut off from the tree of life. Be enough for yourself as much as possible, and help others. Help with a smile, with a piece of advice or with your service.


Work with your hands and with your mind. Work is a good thing, it is infallible therapy. Any work attitude, intellectual and artistic, is the best medicine for the evils of the spirit, the mind and the body.


Keep alive and cordial all your interpersonal relationships especially those at your home, stying united to the maximum with all the members of your family. Here you have the possibility to integrate, to live together and to interact with people of all ages, children, teenagers and adults, the perfect showcase of life. Then broaden your heart to friends, making sure they are not exclusively older in age like you.


Flee from the antiques bazaar. Do not think that all past times were better. Stop condemning the today’s world and cursing this moment. Rejoice that among the thorns roses bloom. Be positive at all times. Negative ever. The elders must be like the moon an opaque body destined to give light. Do not let your loving abilities die. Trie to break off the tedium and the incapacity coming from the permanent solitude and the sterile routine.

This Decalogue was published on the occasion of the creation of AJUBILUD