Ajubilud, a gathering space

AJUBILUD is offered as the space to share and enjoy in camaraderie the interesting stage of enjoyment of RETIREMENT.

AJUBILUD seeks WELL-BEING, RECREATION AND CULTURAL EJOYMENT for its members. It is also interested in building spaces for those who wish to continue activities related to their areas of knowledge and professional experience in research, advisory and consulting. In that sense, we have signed an agreement with the University Distrital F.J.C and we are organizing a VIRTUAL EDITORIAL AND AN INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH.

During its 16 years of operation, AJUBILUD has institutionalized two annual celebrations: the celebration of the EDUCATOR’S DAY and the YEAR END PARTY,, where we meet with our family and friends to share in camaraderie and joy.

Events and celebrations

Activities and Trips