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The Presidency of the “Association of Retired Teachers from the University Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas”, best known as “AJUBILUD”, presents a warm and cordial welcome to all the members of our Association, as well as all other interested and invites them to follow us through our official page,, hoping that this will serve as an effective means of communication and integration and to continue generating joint initiatives that allow us TO GROW AND SHARE SPACES OF JOY AND RECREATION, as well as TO STRENGTHEN us as an organization, not only for personal benefit, but also FOR THE COLLECTIVE DEFENSE OF OUR RIGHTS AS RETIRED.

AJUBILUD also aims to represent a significant joint effort to improve the living conditions and coexistence of retired university professors in the country. Therefore, we also invite the retirees who served in the public and / or private universities of the country and the university’s active professors in the process of retiring, to follow us through our website.

Best regards,

Antonio José Caicedo Abadía

Chairman of the Board of Directors, AJUBILUD

RETIREMENT is a new project of life and AJUBILUD is offered as the right space for the happy enjoyment and camaraderie of this new and interesting stage of life.

Antonio Caicedo Presidente Ajubilud Bogota

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To bring together retired professors from the University Distrital into a non-profit organization in order to defend their retirement rights and seek to improve their quality of life, through the hiring of an optimal health service, collective action through the facilitation and coordination of cultural activities, integration and recreation, occupational, solidarity and humanitarian projects within principles and democratic values.

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